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Ricardo 'Vovo' Amaral

Supervising Professor

Ricardo “Vovô” Amaral was born in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He started Judo and Karate at 10 years old. He practiced surfing, windsurfing, swimming, and biking. He moved to California in 1992.

Ricardo “Vovô” Amaral started his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training in 1994 at the Rickson Gracie Academy in West Los Angeles, California, in 1994. Later, he moved to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy owned by Rorion Gracie, training with Royce Gracie, in Torrance, Ca. It was then that he had the honor to roll with Master Helio Gracie (at the time, over 80 years of age).

Ricardo “Vovô” had to interrupt his training due to a cancer in the liver in 1997. After the treatment, and when confirmed he was in remission, Vovô started Mountain Biking, a sport he practices to this day.

In 2011, Ricardo “Vovô” felt he was ready to return to the sport he loved the most, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He joined Gracie Barra in Escondido, San Diego County, California and in 4 years, he received his Black Belt from Professor Magid Hage, a current ADCC qualifier.  Professor Vovo is currently a registered IBJJF 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Ricardo 'Vovo' Amaral
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