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Mikey Farrar

Lead Coach- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Mikey, Brown Belt, with over 11 years of training is originally from Southern California, the epicenter for Brazilian Jiu-JItsu in the United States. Mikey has trained at several gyms with his most recent being a branch of Gracie Humaita. Here, teachings were focused on the "old-school" style of jiu-jitsu; keeping it simple with techniques that have withstood the test of time. The beginnings of his training took place in a competitive MMA gym where he learned the sport of jiu-jitsu as it applies to MMA & competitive jiu-jitsu.

Professionally, Mikey is a Certified Public Accountant and owns a tax preparation business. In addition to holding a CPA license, Mikey has obtained a Bachelor's degree in both Accounting & Economics and a Master's degree in Business Administration.

Mikey Farrar
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