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Gym Profile and Amenities

Warrior Meets Scholar Gym

Heavy Bag Info:

  • Fairtex Brand

    • (4) Banana Bags​

    • (2) Tear Drop Bags

  • Aqua Bags Brand

    • (2) 21" Round Water Bags​

    • (2) Bruiser Torso Water Bags

At Warrior Meets Scholar, we not only provide the highest level of training but we also provide students with the best equipment available.  The floor area is slightly over 850 SF of 1.5" Fuji Mat Co. tatami texture mats with solid oak framing to prevent mats from sliding.  To maximize versatility we have invested in a state of the art Fuji Mat Co. wall mounted heavy bag rack that allows for heavy bags to be moved to the sides when not in use.  The wall is covered with Fuji Mat Co wall pads creating a safe impact area.

Fairtex Kickpads for Muay Thai

Keeping in line with top quality equipment, we depend heavily on the leading brand Fairtex for our Kick Pads.  These provide students with an extremely durable pad to punch, elbow, knee and kick while providing sufficient protection for the "pad man" or holder.

"Tools" (Weapons) are at the core of our martialist training at Warrior Meets Scholar.  Weapons are the equalizers in life and death situations which is why predators (criminals) use them with high levels of effectiveness.  We will be training heavily with training sticks, knives, training firearms, and other improvised weapons.  They will become an extension of your body very quickly.

Fighting Sticks for Urban Fighting Concepts
Training Weapons
Warrior Meets Scholar Mindset

"Embrace Violence"

Make no mistake.  Warrior Meets Scholar is a fighting school.  We train in violence, be it the sport of Muay Thai or our Martialist System used for street defense.  Embracing violence does not make one a thug or a mindless killer.  Embracing violence makes one a warrior.  We balance the training with philosophy, meditation, and humility.  These aspects to training are what make us different.  They make us TRUE WARRIORS!

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